Peproneh Badalyan


∙ Tech journalist with 8+ years fo experience

∙ Columnist in various tech blogs and magazine

∙ Content creator: articles, stories and photo content

About me


With a master's degree in physics and a passion for writing, I got into this ‎business in 2016, when I ‎started working in one of the largest media ‎Armenian resources as an IT journalist. Close ‎communication ‎and cooperation with the IT industry, entrepreneurs, and techno-geeks ‎finally ‎convinced me that I want to write about IT, bringing my mite to ‎the development and rise of IT in ‎our country. During my career, I ‎managed to work for both large and established IT companies and ‎small, ‎but cool start-ups as well. Recently I've become fascinated with NFT and ‎have worked with various NFT ‎projects making my contribution to their ‎promotion with my skills.‎ 


My articles have been published both on the blogs of the companies ‎where I worked and on large ‎resources such as Yahoo Finance, ‎Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, CoinTelegraph, etc.‎


If suddenly you thought I’m a four-eyes, a bookworm, always able to ‎say/write the right word, then I ‎must disappoint you. I am an ordinary ‎woman, sometimes wanting only to finish that book. ‎


And yet, at ‎heart, I am a confectioner and food photographer who takes a ‎break from work making the most ‎delicious cheesecakes and not letting ‎family taste them until taking a couple of photos.‎


Whoever you are we will work nicely if you are just as in love with your ‎work, ‎striving for perfection and enjoying the process of creating ‎something truly important as I do.‎


If this is about you, then we will definitely work together!‎